Event: Cookie Dough Sale Begins

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Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time: All Day

Description: This will be our near 25th year for the Holiday Greenery Sale! Delivery date is Saturday before Thanksgiving (10-noon). This cookie dough was taste tested and approved by our Choral Boosters. At $11 a bucket, we have a 300 pail minimum sale requirement. Then the more we sell, the greater our profit!! This product is freezable and was so good people were begging for more last year. The sale will progress over Thanksgiving weekend to facilitate students being in contact with family members. Students will stop selling on Thanksgiving Sunday. Orders are due the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend! SELLING TIP: If you intend to sell this cookie dough again in January, you might want to consider purchasing a bucket to back in small samples to aid in providing taste tests to potential buyers!!