Event: Dist S & E Application Deadline

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Date: Friday, December 14, 2012

Time: All Day

Description: We will be attending the February 9, HS District S&E event. All music must be selected and all fees submitted with application forms before 3:00pm by Dec 14th in order for Mrs. Nevins to get applications submitted on time. Late applications will not be accepted because Mrs. Nevins must submit our applications to MSVMA by the submission deadline. Participants represent their school; therefore, students must plan to rehearse with Mrs. Nevins at least once a week (for a total of at least six rehearsals) prior to festival--no exceptions. Each event will pay for their own accompanist at $35 per event to include the appropriate number of rehearsals. Mrs. Nevins may schedule an after-school festival recital to help students secure their music and experience the process at least once prior to festival. Festivals are formal occasions; therefore, choir uniforms or dress clothing are required.