Event: Regional Honors Choir Performance

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Date: Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Location: Pioneer High School

Address: Stadium Blvd at Main Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Description: Students arrange their own transportation to Pioneer High School with plans for arrival and on-site registration no later than 8:00 am. Plan ahead for early departure and on-time arrival. Plan to take your completely choir performance uniform (and dress shoes) with you. Be certain to read all the rules and regulations provided in the Regional Honors Choir Performance letter of instructions! DO NOT WEAR ANYTHING THAT ANNOUNCES THE NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL and DO NOT TELL ANY JUDGE WHAT SCHOOL YOU'RE FROM!! If you are asked by the judge to identify your school, you must say courteously, "I'm sorry, I am not to divulge that information." Students should arrive by 8:00 am to register and begin organizing for rehearsals. Be sure to pay close attention during rehearsal and note anything the director points out to you regarding the music. Dress in good (untorn and clean) casual--i.e., khakis and a sweater. Remember that you will be auditioning in your casual clothes, so you'll want to look your best even when you're NOT in your performance attire! Bring your music and folder w/ pencil, water bottle and be prepared to change into your choir uniform for the 4:00 pm performance. Don't forget the nylons, girls and black socks for the men! Everyone auditions for the State and All-State Honors Choir throughout the day even if you don't plan to participate in either event. State Honors Choir winners are posted in the lobby following the concert, so be sure to look for the large sign listing those selected for states! Parents and friends are welcome to attend the free concert.